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ersatzheartbeat's Journal

WHO I AM: I'm Shauna. If you're reading this, you probably already know me -- as I'm not interesting enough to really warrant a lot of traffic from strangers. But if you don't know me? I'm silly, snarky, and something of a horrible person. By that I mean my sense of humor could technically be classified as offensive; if only to those who take themselves and the world around then a little too seriously. But I like it that way. So if you have a problem, move it along, toots!

If you happen to look at the entries here, you'll notice there aren't many. Probably never will be. I generally don't have much of interest to say that isn't some inside joke between a specific friend and I, and I think it's a safe bet to assume nobody wants to hear about how boring my day was. This LJ is, more or less, for the sole purpose of keeping an eye on fandom communities of which I am a part. Although if you happen to be reading this and like the sound of me, drop in and say hi! I don't bite. Hard, anyway.

As for interests, you can find them below. The big ones include Final Fantasy, Zombies, and Supernatural. And wanting to get in the pants of Jensen Ackles. But then again, who doesn't? So there you have it. Not much else to say. The end.

I also make graphics, though I don't claim to be some master of iconing. My work contaings mostly video games and icons I make for Pbs; most of which were obscure enough that I was forced to make my own. So if you're interested in having a look-see, drop on by jumpgypsy icons.

CURRENT ROLEPLAY: And always looking for more!